I've been a Heinlein fan since the late 60s, when I borrowed Have Space Suit—Will Travel from my local library.

I was hooked from the beginning, the soap contest and how the protagonist systematically set out to win was a real eye-opener to a child in the UK (we didn't have TV shows sponsored by companies in the 60s, that would have been unthinkable, not the done thing) and I still remember his father's advice about using real soap wrappers and not copies.

Last year, when we had a craft zip past Pluto, all I could think of was the "sharp isotonic adjustments" predicted due to Pluto's summer and Kip's steel hammer shattering. (And I still think the first permanent lunar base should be called "Tombaugh base")

The next two books I borrowed were Farmer in the Sky & Podkayne of Mars, possibly the start of a pattern...

Anyway. What was your first Heinlein?

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